Guess What Pink Floyd Star Roger Waters Just Said About Biden, it’s Not What You Think

Roger Waters, former co-founder and bassist of Pink Floyd, has criticized President Biden for his handling of the ongoing Ukrainian conflict. In a recent interview, Waters accused Biden of engineering the conflict and criticized him for several mishaps over his presidential reign.

According to Waters, Biden could have done better by keeping Secretary of State Baker’s promise not to advance NATO, refraining from engineering the illegal Maidan coup d’etat, and supporting the Minsk accords.

Waters also accused Biden of buying time to arm Ukraine for the war he was engineering.

Born in Surrey, England, in 1943, Waters rose to international fame in the 1970s as a musician and political activist.

He is known for his support of various social causes, including human rights and environmentalism, and has previously criticized US foreign policy.

The musician’s comments come as tensions continue to rise between Ukraine and Russia, with fears that the conflict could escalate into a wider war.