Gov. Youngkin Fires Back At Biden And You’ll Want To Give Him A HIGH FIVE

In the wake of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, Governor Glenn Youngkin is urging President Biden to visit the residents affected by the disaster and demonstrate real leadership.

While the president has recently visited Virginia Beach and spoken on affordable healthcare, he has yet to visit Ohio, almost one month after the Northfolk Southern train derailment.

Youngkin emphasized the need for unity against China and fixing the border crisis, stating that “we must fix this border, and it’s a national security crisis where we’re seeing not only people’s lives put in jeopardy, but we’re seeing the free flow of fentanyl poisoning people all over America.”

As cleanup efforts continue in Ohio, residents have complained of various symptoms they speculate could be a result of the derailment. EPA administrator Michael Regan has urged children to stay out of creeks and streams in the area.

With the Ohio situation calling for real leadership, Youngkin believes that the president should prioritize people over politics and show up for Americans in need.

However, his call for action remains unanswered, and residents in East Palestine continue to suffer.