From House Republican To Biden’s Sidekick: An Unanticipated Shift

In recent developments, former Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman has found himself entangled in the controversial web surrounding Hunter Biden. Riggleman’s collaboration with Hunter Biden’s legal team to analyze the contents of the laptop has raised eyebrows and sparked intense debates.

Riggleman’s involvement with the first son’s legal team has come under scrutiny, given his previous affiliation with the January 6 Committee and his criticism of former President Trump. Republicans have raised concerns about Riggleman’s impartiality and questioned his loyalty to conservative principles.

While Riggleman has expressed skepticism about the validity of the laptop data, it is important to note that multiple news outlets have verified its authenticity. An IRS whistleblower has also attested to the laptop’s reliability and the presence of substantial evidence.

The laptop’s contents, which include shocking photos, emails, and text messages, have raised concerns about President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings. These revelations have fueled speculations and demands for further investigations into the Biden family.

Critics argue that Riggleman’s collaboration with Hunter Biden’s legal team, including sharing investigation methods, raises questions about his motivations. As Republicans, we must remain vigilant and ensure that justice is pursued impartially, without any conflicts of interest.

Source Fox News