Fresh Controversy In The Biden Administration Involving Alleged Censorship

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has come under intense scrutiny after a report released by the House Weaponization Subcommittee exposed its alleged censorship of Americans and collusion with Big Tech during the Biden administration. This revelation is a clear indication of the erosion of our constitutional rights and the manipulation of information to control the narrative.

The report reveals that CISA expanded its mission beyond cybersecurity and began surveilling Americans’ speech on social media. It colluded with Big Tech and government-funded entities to censor by proxy, undermining the fundamental principle of free speech protected by the First Amendment. CISA-funded organizations established reporting portals that funneled so-called “misinformation” reports directly to social media platforms, effectively silencing dissenting voices.

Furthermore, the report uncovers CISA’s attempts to cover up its unconstitutional activities. It deliberately scrubbed its website of references to domestic “misinformation” and “disinformation,” erasing evidence of its censorship and surveillance of American citizens’ social media activity.

One particularly alarming aspect of CISA’s actions is its focus on “malformation,” where factual information is provided without adequate “context” as determined by the government. This subjective definition allows the government to manipulate information and silence voices that challenge its preferred narrative.

The report also exposes the advisory MDM Subcommittee, which included Big Tech representatives and government officials. This collaboration raises concerns about the impartiality of social media platforms and their role in stifling free speech. When government agencies and tech giants work hand in hand, it threatens the diversity of thought and open discourse that are essential for a thriving democracy.

Chairman Jim Jordan and his committee deserve commendation for their efforts in bringing these unconstitutional activities to light. They are committed to holding CISA accountable for its actions and safeguarding our constitutional rights. This investigation is not about partisan politics; it is about upholding the principles that define us as a nation.

As citizens, we must remain vigilant and protect our freedom of speech from any attempts to silence us. We cannot allow government agencies like CISA to overstep their boundaries and trample on our constitutional rights. Let us stand united in defense of free speech and support lawmakers who are dedicated to preserving the foundations of our democracy.

Source Fox News