Former BLM Activist Drops a BOMBSHELL: Discover What He Uncovered

Fellow Republicans, we have a story that you won’t want to miss! Former Black Lives Matter activist turned PragerU personality, Xavier DuRousseau, recently exposed the true intentions behind San Francisco’s support for reparations on “The Ingraham Angle.”

DuRousseau bravely condemned the plan as nothing more than social justice “virtue-signaling” aimed at indoctrinating minorities into feeling oppressed.

As DuRousseau explained, this reparations plan is a thinly veiled attempt to gaslight Black Americans into thinking that they need handouts to succeed.

He admitted to having once fallen for the left’s deceitful narrative but found enlightenment after discovering the truth on

Host Laura Ingraham chimed in, highlighting the unrealistic promises of money, property, and debt forgiveness that San Francisco officials are using to bait potential beneficiaries.

She questioned whether these promises would ultimately backfire on the city.

DuRousseau, agreeing with Ingraham, called the plan impractical and warned that it would never come to fruition.

The former BLM activist shed light on the $5 million earmarked for each Black family, which has garnered much criticism.

But DuRousseau pointed out that the most outrageous part of the proposal is the plan to sell homes to Black Americans for as little as $1.

He expressed his disgust with the fact that the city is more focused on slavery, which ended in 1865 than on helping the homeless veterans struggling on San Francisco’s streets in 2023.

Ingraham noted that the woke crowd supporting such endeavors rarely wants to fund their costly proposals. DuRousseau confirmed this observation, stating that White liberals are quick to demand reparations but wouldn’t contribute a dime to him personally.

According to Du Rousseau, these activists are only interested in virtue-signaling and profiting from the suffering of others. In conclusion, DuRousseau accused pro-reparations and BLM activists of selling Black people their own oppression.

Their goal, he said, is to profit from indoctrinating people with a victim mentality.

This eye-opening interview serves as a stark reminder of the deceitful tactics employed by the left and reinforces the importance of remaining vigilant in our pursuit of truth and justice.