Famous Liberal MELTS Down In Front Of The Supreme Court, NO Way You GUESS Who This Is

The cancelation of student loan debt is a contentious issue that has sparked a lot of debate and division.

Recently, Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, made an emotional plea for the cancelation of student loan debt outside the Supreme Court. She argued that it is a matter of social justice and equality.

While Weingarten’s speech attracted attention on social media, many Republicans are against the cancelation of student loan debt.

They argue that it is not fair to those who worked hard to pay off their student loans and that it will create a culture of entitlement.

The Supreme Court will ultimately decide whether President Biden has the authority to implement the plan and whether the Department of Education is authorized to advance it.

Republicans are optimistic that the Supreme Court will reject the plan and uphold the principle of personal responsibility.