Exposed! Chinese Military’s Approved Vendor of the People’s Liberation Army Manufactured Spy Balloon That Crossed Entire US

Republican Senators Josh Hawley and Dan Sullivan have accused American companies of potentially helping manufacture a Chinese surveillance balloon that was shot down over South Carolina. The senators have criticized officials from various government departments for not providing a “definitive answer” in a classified briefing.

The balloon, which first appeared in Montana, traveled across the entire US, drawing national media attention. Western-made parts with English-language branding were found at the crash site, suggesting that an approved vendor of the People’s Liberation Army may have made the balloon.

This has raised concerns that American companies are contributing to the Chinese military’s espionage efforts. The FBI is studying the remains of the balloon to determine its origins and composition.


  1. Republican senators are calling for a public release of the classified briefing.
  2. American companies should not be aiding in the manufacture of spy satellites used against American citizens.
  3. The incident highlights the importance of protecting American interests and preventing foreign adversaries from gaining access to sensitive intelligence.
  4. The Chinese government has a long history of human rights violations, cyber-attacks, and intellectual property theft.
  5. The FBI is investigating the remains of the spy balloon to gather more information.

In the opinion of some Republicans, this incident is a clear indication that the US needs to take a tougher stance against China. China has long been viewed as a major threat to US national security, and this latest incident underscores the urgency of the situation. Republicans are calling for increased vigilance and scrutiny of foreign actors attempting to compromise American national security.

The US must do everything in its power to prevent foreign adversaries from gaining access to sensitive intelligence and technology, and to protect American interests at home and abroad. The government must take swift action to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.