Exclusive: The Biden Scandal Deepens as Republicans Uncover Shocking Truth

James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, proclaimed on Tuesday that the likelihood of first son Hunter Biden being in close proximity to the classified documents recently discovered in his father’s Wilmington home is a potential national security concern.

According to Fox News, Comer is one of several House Republicans who are raising alarm over President Joe Biden’s potentially problematic handling of these documents and potential compromise of national security.

Comer stated, “There is reason to believe that Hunter Biden has had contact with individuals that pose a threat to our national security.” He added, “House Republicans are investigating the raid on Mar-a-Lago, and we want to know who triggered it. We also want to know why there is a difference in how former President Trump’s classified documents were handled compared to Vice President Mike Pence’s.”

Comer emphasized that Republicans are seeking answers on who had access to the documents, who was involved with the president’s personal attorneys, and if they had the necessary security clearances. He expressed, “We don’t know who his personal lawyers are, we don’t know their clients. We simply want to know the facts, we are not accusing anyone of wrongdoing.”

Comer also revealed that Republicans are fairly confident that Hunter Biden was near the documents due to the fact that they were found in the house where he lived for two years.

As the classified document scandal continues to escalate, the FBI conducted a search on Biden’s private office at the Washington-based Penn Biden Center in November. This was after the president’s team informed the National Archives of the discovery of classified documents there.

The Department of Justice informed CNN that there was no search warrant and that the November search was carried out with the cooperation of the president’s legal team.

This raises further questions about the transparency of the White House and Biden’s legal team regarding the government’s investigation into the handling of classified documents, now overseen by special counsel Robert Hur.

Hunter Biden, who has had numerous questionable business dealings with overseas contacts in Ukraine and China and is a recovering crack addict, mentioned in his 2021 memoir that Biden family members often quarantined in the Delaware home where the classified documents were located.

The president’s classified documents scandal has been gaining momentum, with Fox News adding, “This came after he used the FBI to raid his predecessor’s Mar-a-Lago estate to recover similarly classified documents.”

The House Republicans’ investigation and uncovering of potential national security threats linked to the Biden family continue to escalate.