Exclusive: Former Attorney General’s bold take on Trump’s fate!

“Former Attorney General Eric Holder recently offered his opinion on whether President Biden or the future 2024 winner should pardon former President Donald Trump if he is convicted of federal charges. In a statement that reeks of hypocrisy, Holder called for letting the system work and treating a convicted president like any other person. But a closer examination of Holder’s track record reveals a different story.

Holder, who served as AG under the Obama administration, oversaw a Department of Justice that was plagued with scandal and political bias. From the Fast and Furious operation that put firearms into the hands of dangerous criminals to the IRS targeting conservative groups, Holder’s tenure was marked by an alarming lack of accountability.

Now, Holder wants us to believe that he supports pardons for those who show remorse and turn their lives around. However, his own actions as attorney general tell a different tale.

Holder’s DOJ relentlessly pursued conservative activists, journalists, and whistleblowers, selectively enforcing the law based on political affiliation. This blatant disregard for equal treatment under the law is an affront to the principles of justice.

Holder’s recent comments should be viewed as nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to undermine Trump and his supporters. The Democrats have been desperate to erase Trump’s legacy and silence the millions of Americans who voted for him. They fear the power and influence of Trump’s movement, and they will stop at nothing to destroy it.

But the American people see through the hypocrisy of Holder and the left. They understand that justice should be blind and applied equally to everyone, regardless of political affiliation. They demand a justice system that upholds the principles of fairness and accountability.

In conclusion, Holder’s comments on pardoning Trump reveal his true agenda: playing politics and undermining justice. The American people deserve better. They deserve leaders who will uphold the principles of equal treatment under the law and who will not manipulate the justice system for their own gain. It’s time to reject the hypocrisy and demand true justice for all.”

Source Fox News