Elizabeth Warren Calls For Flag CHANGE In Her Own State, But The Reason Why Will Have You Laughing

Recent calls to change the Massachusetts state flag and seal have gained momentum, with some residents of Newburyport, Massachusetts demanding a resolution to replace them due to their association with the state’s history of racism.

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren has voiced her support for this change, which has come as a surprise, given her self-proclaimed Native American heritage.

The current flag of Massachusetts features an Algonquin Native American in ceremonial dress holding a bow and arrow, with a shield depicting a Native American’s head, a white star, a gold pine tree, and a blue ribbon bearing the Latin phrase “Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem.” Although the flag has been in use since 1971, the Left has called for its replacement due to its connection to the state’s colonial and oppressive past.

While some argue that changing the flag and seal would be a costly and unnecessary endeavor, others believe it is important to recognize and celebrate the state’s rich history and culture beyond its colonial past.

Additionally, the depiction of the Native American figure should not be seen as offensive or perpetuating stereotypes, but rather as a symbol of the state’s recognition and celebration of Native American culture and heritage.

Ultimately, the decision to change the flag and seal rests with the state’s residents and officials. It is important to consider all perspectives and weigh the potential costs and benefits of such a change.