Don’t Trust Biden? This Investment in America Plan Will Make Headlines

President Biden is once again out on a “victory lap” tour, touting his economic agenda and his supposed role in the “strongest job growth in history.”

However, the truth is that his economic policies have been disastrous for working families across the country.

From the Inflation Reduction Act to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, these policies have only served to benefit the rich and well-connected while leaving middle-class Americans struggling to make ends meet. Biden’s policies have also led to a rise in inflation, which is hurting low-income families the most.

The cost of everyday items like gas and groceries has skyrocketed under his watch, making it increasingly difficult for working-class Americans to afford basic necessities.

It’s clear that the Biden administration is more interested in pushing its progressive agenda than in helping working-class Americans.

That’s why we need to elect Republican candidates who will fight for policies that benefit all Americans, not just the elites.