Disney Crosses the Line: Promoting Anti-American Propaganda to Our Children

It’s concerning to see that the once-great Disney has fallen so low as to propagate a dangerous leftist, anti-American agenda to the nation’s young and impressionable minds. The latest show from Disney, “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” which aired on February 1st, is a clear indication of the harmful indoctrination taking place in the entertainment industry.

In an upcoming episode, “Juneteenth,” the main character and her friends learn about the historical significance of Juneteenth and discover that the founder of their imaginary town was a slave owner. The children then give a speech stating that America was “built on slavery” and that descendants of slaves deserve reparations. This is a misleading portrayal of history and promotes the false notion that America is inherently racist and oppressive.

Moreover, the show also tarnishes the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln and his efforts to free the slaves. It is saddening to see that Disney would willingly spread such damaging lies to young viewers.

The show also features a scene where a parent of one of the characters tells his gay lover to use his white privilege to make a difference, promoting the dangerous concept of white guilt and fueling the divisive narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Why is Disney using its platform to spread a divisive leftist agenda to our children? Such propaganda has no place in society, let alone in children’s entertainment. Parents should be alarmed at the content being consumed by their kids and it’s high time for action to be taken to protect our children from media brainwashing.

In conclusion, it’s imperative that we, as a nation, stand up against the destructive ideology being pushed by the left and demand that our media outlets, including Disney, promote unity, patriotism, and respect for our country’s history and heroes. The future of our nation depends on it.