Discover What Has Left-Wing Groups Cheering This Week

In a significant setback for the Biden administration’s efforts to address the ongoing border crisis, a federal judge has blocked the Circumvention of Lawful Pathways rule. This rule, introduced in May, sought to make migrants ineligible for asylum if they entered the country illegally and failed to utilize the expanded lawful pathways provided by the government.

The ruling, delivered by Judge Jon Tigar of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, came in response to a lawsuit from left-wing immigration groups. The judge found the rule to be “both substantively and procedurally invalid” and has delayed its implementation for 14 days to allow the administration to appeal.

The rule formed a crucial part of the administration’s strategy following the expiration of the Title 42 public health order in May. By presuming migrants ineligible for asylum if they entered illegally and failed to claim asylum in a country they passed through, the administration aimed to discourage irregular migration and promote the use of legal pathways.

However, the rule faced criticism from immigration activists, including the ACLU, who argued that it could prevent legitimate asylum seekers from seeking refuge in the United States. Despite this, the administration pointed to a decline in migrant encounters in June as evidence of the rule’s success.

The fate of the Circumvention of Lawful Pathways rule remains uncertain as it faces ongoing challenges from Republican-led states. This ruling poses challenges for the administration’s handling of the border crisis and emphasizes the need for comprehensive immigration reform that addresses both security concerns and humanitarian considerations.

Source Fox News