Did Biden Just Make Another Tactical Error? Here’s The Inside Scoop!

The appointment of U.S. Attorney David Weiss as a special counsel for the investigation into Hunter Biden has set off a firestorm of criticism from Republican lawmakers. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s decision to tap Weiss to lead the probe has ignited concerns within the GOP about potential bias, obstruction of congressional oversight, and the overall handling of the case.

Prominent figures among Republican ranks, including House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, have not held back their disdain for the move. Comer suggested that this appointment could be part of a broader effort by the Justice Department to shield the Biden family from allegations of impropriety in their business dealings. The mounting evidence pointing to President Biden’s involvement in these transactions with foreign nationals has raised alarms among Republicans.

Weiss’s history in investigating Hunter Biden’s tax and gun charges has left GOP members skeptical of his impartiality. They believe his appointment as special counsel could be indicative of an ongoing Justice Department investigation into President Biden’s son, countering assertions made by Hunter’s defense attorneys.

Comer further criticized the Justice Department’s conduct throughout the investigation. He accused the department of letting the statute of limitations lapse for Hunter Biden’s serious felonies and alleged that key evidence pointing to Joe Biden’s potential involvement was ignored. Additionally, Comer claimed that the department had covertly alerted the Biden transition team and Hunter Biden’s legal representatives about impending interviews and searches.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from California took to social media to emphasize that the DOJ’s actions must not obstruct congressional investigations or obfuscate what he views as corruption within the Biden family.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan from Ohio echoed these concerns, questioning the rationale behind Weiss’s appointment, especially in light of his previous statements regarding his authority in the investigation.

Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado expressed skepticism about the potential outcomes of the investigation, drawing attention to Weiss’s prior attempt to secure a lenient deal for Hunter Biden. Her sentiments underscore broader doubts among Republicans about the fairness of the investigation.

Attorney General Garland defended Weiss’s appointment as special counsel in a press conference, asserting that the decision was made after careful consideration of the unique circumstances surrounding the matter. Weiss’s request to continue his work as a special counsel was approved based on his belief that the investigation had reached a critical stage.

As the investigation proceeds, GOP lawmakers remain steadfast in their resolve to uncover the truth. The selection of David Weiss as special counsel has not diminished their concerns but rather amplified their commitment to revealing any potential wrongdoing, corruption, or foreign interference that may have transpired.

Source Fox news