Democrats Rally AGAINST Biden’s Decision, This Won’t SURPRISE You At All

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are hypocritical for criticizing President Joe Biden’s handling of a piece of Washington DC crime legislation, say passionate Republican voters. According to The Washington Examiner, Pelosi stated that the president should have given House Democrats a warning about his intentions after he said he would not veto the legislation if it passed the Senate.

Pelosi’s comments only highlight the Democrats’ double standards when it comes to Washington DC, a city that is over 90 percent Democrat voters. Democrats, including Pelosi, have long been pushing for Washington DC to become a state, which would secure Democrats another House seat and two Senate seats for the foreseeable future.

However, when Republicans champion a bill that overturns parts of a crime bill passed by the city’s council in January, which eliminated a large portion of mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes and reinstated the use of jury trials for misdemeanors, Democrats in Congress are suddenly up in arms.

Despite the backlash, President Biden is said to be preparing for the 2024 presidential campaign and signing the bill is a way for moderate Democrats to be seen as tough on crime.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to explain away the president’s decision, saying that he supports DC statehood and home-rule, but not some of the changes that DC Council put forward over the mayor’s objections, such as lowering penalties for carjackings.

This decision by President Biden is a welcome move for Republicans, who have long been calling for stronger penalties for violent crimes. The rise in crime in Washington DC has been a major concern, and the president’s decision to sign the legislation if it is passed by the Senate is a step in the right direction.