Democrats’ Dangerous Policies on Crime – What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Your Family!

In a recent appearance on HBO’s “Real Time,” left-leaning CNN political contributor Paul Begala criticized the Democratic party’s soft-on-crime policies, urging them to address the issue in red state and rural areas where crime rates are high.

Begala suggested that Democrats need to start speaking out on the issue and recognize that some people belong in jail, and that crime is not just a problem in cities but also in suburban and rural areas.

Despite this, Democrats continue to push for policies such as defunding the police, which has been criticized by both Republicans and moderate Democrats.


  1. CNN political contributor Paul Begala criticizes Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies
  2. Democrats urged to address crime issue in red state and rural areas
  3. Democrats need to start prioritizing safety and security of all Americans
  4. Democrats’ policies have contributed to substandard education and poverty
  5. Far-leftists continue to call for defunding the police despite opposition from many, including Black communities

The criticism from Begala highlights a long-standing issue with the Democratic party and their prioritization of political agendas over the safety and security of Americans.

The push for defunding the police is not only unpopular among Republican voters but also among many moderate Democrats and Black communities who recognize the importance of a police presence in their neighborhoods.

Democrats need to start listening to the concerns of all Americans and prioritizing law and order in order to address the issue of crime in the country.