Can You BELIEVE Who’s Calling Out San Francisco’s Latest LIBERAL Scheme?

Recently on “The Ingraham Angle,” Xaviaer DuRousseau, a former Black Lives Matter activist who now associates with PragerU, criticized San Francisco’s support for reparations.

He accused the city of using the plan to manipulate minorities into feeling oppressed through social justice “virtue-signaling.”

DuRousseau expressed his belief that this reparations initiative is designed to deceive Black Americans into thinking they require government handouts to be successful.

He confessed to having once believed the left’s narrative but had a change of heart after exploring

Laura Ingraham, the show’s host, questioned the feasibility of San Francisco’s promises of money, property, and debt forgiveness for potential recipients. DuRousseau agreed, arguing that the plan is unrealistic and unlikely to be implemented.

He also discussed the $5 million allocated for each Black family, a controversial aspect of the proposal.

However, he found the plan to offer homes to Black Americans for as little as $1 to be even more preposterous.

DuRousseau expressed frustration that the city’s focus is on addressing slavery, which ended in 1865, rather than assisting homeless veterans in 2023.

Ingraham observed that those who support reparations seldom want to finance their extravagant proposals.

DuRousseau agreed, stating that while White liberals may call for reparations, they are unwilling to contribute personally.

He suggested that these activists are more interested in appearing virtuous than actually helping others.

In summary, DuRousseau argued that pro-reparations and BLM activists are exploiting Black people by promoting a victim mentality for their own financial gain.

This interview serves as a reminder of the manipulative tactics used by some on the left and the need for continued vigilance in seeking the truth.