Can You Believe the FBI’s inadequate compliance with subpoenas?

In a stunning move that exposes the FBI’s disregard for congressional oversight, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, a steadfast conservative from Ohio, has taken a stand against the agency’s noncompliance with subpoenas. Jordan, a champion of the American people, sent a fiery letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, calling out the bureau for its unacceptable actions.

The letter, dated July 17, sets a firm deadline for the FBI to deliver the requested materials: noon on July 25, 2023. Chairman Jordan makes it abundantly clear that failure to comply will not be tolerated, and he threatens to take decisive action against the FBI, including holding Director Wray in contempt of Congress.

The subpoenas in question are of paramount importance to Republicans and the American public. The first subpoena pertains to the FBI’s surveillance of concerned parents who expressed outrage over the indoctrination of their children and the alleged cover-up of sexual misconduct in Virginia schools. It is deeply troubling that the FBI would target these parents and infringe upon their First Amendment rights.

The second subpoena involves an eight-page memo leaked by former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin. This memo, astonishingly, reveals that the FBI and the Department of Justice were targeting traditional Catholic Americans and falsely linking them to the far-right white nationalist movement. Such actions by our nation’s top law enforcement agency are not only offensive but also a direct violation of religious freedom.

Despite repeated attempts to obtain the requested documents, the FBI has failed to comply. The agency’s lackluster response, which included producing only a few documents with significant redactions, shows a complete disregard for the oversight responsibilities of Congress. Chairman Jordan, an ardent defender of truth and justice, is determined to hold the FBI accountable.

As Republicans, we stand firmly with Chairman Jordan and his pursuit of justice. The American people deserve transparency and answers. We demand that the FBI comply fully with the subpoenas and provide the requested materials without delay. Failure to do so will only confirm our worst fears: that there are elements within the FBI that are willing to abuse their power to suppress dissent and target innocent Americans.

Chairman Jordan’s letter to Director Wray serves as a wake-up call to all Americans who cherish the principles of freedom and justice. We must support those who fight tirelessly to expose wrongdoing and protect our constitutional rights.

The battle for accountability and transparency within our government is far from over, but with leaders like Jim Jordan, we can rest assured that the fight will continue until justice is served.

Source Fox News