California Governor’s False Promises Exposed that Will Leave You Speechless

Governor Gavin Newsom promised a flood-affected California community $42 million in relief aid, but only $300,000 was actually available.

The funds came from a COVID relief package provided by former President Trump, and most residents will only receive a check for $600.


Newsom promised $42 million but delivered only $300,000 in aid. The funds were part of a COVID relief package from former President Trump. The predominantly Hispanic community of Pajaro was left with insufficient aid.

Most residents will only receive a $600 check, inadequate for repairing damages. Newsom’s misleading promise reveals a lack of leadership and transparency.


As Republicans, it’s crucial that we hold our elected officials accountable and demand better for the people of California and the United States.

Newsom’s broken promise and lack of transparency are a disappointing display of left-wing leadership, and we must continue to advocate for honest, effective governance.