Biden’s mistake: Top House Democrat speaks out.

In a stunning display of questionable judgment, President Joe Biden has given his approval to send cluster munitions to Ukraine. This decision has raised serious concerns among conservatives and Democrats alike, exposing the potential for dire consequences.

Cluster munitions are highly controversial weapons that release smaller explosives over a wide area when detonated. These deadly bombs have been banned by over 100 countries due to their indiscriminate nature and the harm they pose to innocent civilians. The legacy of cluster bombs is one of misery, death, and the need for costly cleanup for generations to come. It is disheartening to witness the United States, a beacon of freedom and human rights, engaging in such a reckless course of action.

The Biden administration’s announcement that their latest aid package to Ukraine includes cluster munitions is deeply troubling. The humanitarian concerns surrounding these weapons cannot be ignored. The U.S. already spends exorbitant amounts of money each year to remove cluster munitions in Laos from the Vietnam era, as these remnants of war continue to claim the lives of unsuspecting civilians. It is inconceivable that President Biden would choose to perpetuate this cycle of destruction and suffering.

While the White House acknowledges the risks associated with cluster munitions, they argue that Ukraine needs these weapons to defend itself against Russia’s aggression. However, this line of reasoning is flawed. It is important to consider alternative methods of support that prioritize the safety and well-being of Ukrainian civilians. Diplomatic efforts and peaceful resolutions should be at the forefront of our strategy, rather than resorting to the use of such dangerous weaponry.

The divide among Democrats is apparent, with Rep. Betty McCollum, a prominent voice on defense matters, strongly criticizing the decision. She emphasizes that the transfer of cluster munitions is unnecessary and a grave mistake. Her opposition is rooted in a deep concern for the lives of innocent civilians, which should be a paramount consideration.

As Republicans, we must question whether this decision aligns with our values and principles. It is essential to prioritize the protection of human rights and the pursuit of peaceful solutions.

President Biden’s move to send cluster munitions to Ukraine requires greater scrutiny and a reevaluation of our approach. We must stand firm in our conviction to support Ukraine without resorting to the use of these indiscriminate and devastating weapons.

Source Fox News