Biden’s Eyebrow-Raising Statement on 2022 Bridge Collapse – You’ll NEVER Guess What He Said

President Joe Biden’s recent claim that he watched the 2022 bridge collapse in Pittsburgh has left many speechless. This latest mishap is yet another example of the President’s tendency to make statements that are later proven to be false or misleading.

The bridge collapse, a tragic event that has left the community in shock, was not something that the President could have possibly witnessed. His claim to have watched the event as it happened is not only factually incorrect but also shows a lack of understanding of the gravity of the situation.

Conservatives are rightly concerned about this latest mishap by the President. His pattern of making inaccurate statements has become a troubling trend that undermines trust in his leadership.

This latest incident is more than just a simple mistake; it’s a reflection of a lack of integrity and honesty in the highest office of our nation. At a time when America needs strong and reliable leadership, these kinds of statements only serve to erode confidence in the administration.

The American people deserve better. Our leaders must be held to a higher standard, and this latest mishap is a stark reminder of the importance of truth and accountability in government. The President’s claim about the bridge collapse is not only shocking but also a call to action for greater transparency and integrity in our nation’s leadership.

Source Fox news