Biden’s $200M to Ukraine SHOCKS All, Especially After Hawaii! Rep Luna’s Take Will Leave You SPEECHLESS

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has made her stance clear. In a recent video, she criticized President Biden for his apparent ignorance of the Hawaii wildfire tragedy, while simultaneously announcing a $200 million aid package for Ukraine.

Luna’s message was clear: the President needs to prioritize domestic issues over foreign relations. “Hawaii and the people of Hawaii are far more important than places like Ukraine,” Luna stated, drawing attention to the severity of the situation in Hawaii.

Biden’s lack of response, especially when questioned by reporters during his beach trip in Delaware, has been a significant point of criticism. The President’s silence on such a grave domestic issue while allocating funds for foreign aid has left many stunned.

Luna’s criticism is a reflection of the growing discontent among the public. The President’s silence on a domestic tragedy while allocating funds for foreign aid has many questioning his leadership and priorities. As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the Hawaii wildfires, the call for a more responsive and empathetic leadership grows louder.

Source Fox news