Biden Opponents, Hold on to Your Hats: This Iran Crisis Will Shock You

The latest Pentagon report on Iran-backed groups highlights the ongoing challenges in the Middle East. While President Biden’s retaliatory airstrikes in Syria were a start, more needs to be done to address Iran’s aggressive behavior.


Iran’s regional strategy using proxies and carve-outs is continuing to cause havoc in the Middle East. The Biden administration’s response has been reactive and not a long-term solution.

The proposed sanctions relief to Iran would actually embolden proxy terror groups and help Iran finance the very terrorists who attacked our assets and American soldiers.

U.S. policymakers must ensure that deployed troops have adequate air defense coverage to deny and defeat the persistent rocket and drone threat.

Congress needs to recognize that the lack of diplomatic progress, not the lack of sanctions, is leaving us vulnerable and insecure. Commentary: The ongoing threats from Iran-backed groups demand a stronger response from the Biden administration.

While retaliatory airstrikes in Syria are a good start, they are not enough to address the root cause of the problem.

The lack of a long-term solution will only lead to more deaths of U.S. troops and civilians.

Congress must also recognize that the proposed sanctions relief to Iran would only embolden proxy terror groups and further finance the very terrorists who attacked us.

It’s time for a tougher stance against Iran and its proxies, with adequate air defense cover to protect deployed troops.