Biden NOMINEE Makes A Fool Of Himself, What He DIDN’T Know Will Shock You

It’s essential for a nominee to have basic knowledge about the agency they would be leading. President Biden’s nominee to lead the FAA, Phil Washington, was unable to answer basic aviation questions asked by Sen.

Ted Budd during a hearing, which is concerning. Washington wasn’t even able to answer questions related to the landmark projects of ADSB implementation and BasicMed, which are crucial to the FAA.

Moreover, he couldn’t even answer questions related to what causes an aircraft to spin or stall, or provide information on the three aircraft certifications the FAA requires as part of the manufacturing process.

As someone who has worked as a certified flight instructor and commercial pilot, I find it disheartening that someone nominated to lead the FAA has no knowledge about the basic workings of the agency.

It’s crucial to elect officials who have a fundamental understanding of the agencies they lead to make informed decisions that will positively impact the American people. We need leaders who can steer the country in the right direction and make decisions that benefit the people.