Biden LOSES Another Democrat’s Support, You’ll AGREE On His Reason Why

Former DNC chair Donna Brazile criticized President Biden’s recent decision not to veto plans to block the Washington, D.C. Council’s move to soften crime laws. Brazile argued that D.C. deserves statehood and that the crime issue should be a top priority for the president.

“In some areas, there are no penalties for sexual assault. There’s only three months when you beat up a police officer,” Brazile said. “So while I understand that some Republicans want to show they’re tough on crime by beating up on the District of Columbia, we deserve statehood.”

Brazile also criticized Biden for not speaking up about the issue in a House caucus and argued that the crime problem is not limited to blue or red states and cities.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also commented on the issue, noting that the D.C. crime bill alone would not solve the problem.