Biden Called OUT for Being ‘Detached from Reality’ in China Policy!

Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin expressed his concerns about President Biden’s policy towards China during an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures.” He criticized the president for being “compromised” and “weak” in his approach towards the country, adding that Biden is detached from reality and delusional.

Johnson’s remarks come as the United States continues to detect potential surveillance objects over the nation with links to the Chinese Communist Party. The senator expressed his belief that the current administration is not equipped to handle this issue, calling it a cause for alarm for Americans.

President Biden has faced criticism over his handling of the potential Chinese surveillance objects, after he argued in an interview with “Telemundo” that the spy flight shot down off the coast of South Carolina was not a significant breach. However, Johnson and other Republican critics have accused Biden of being compromised in terms of foreign policy, particularly with China.

These allegations stem from the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was left at a Delaware repair shop in 2019 and is believed to contain evidence of Hunter receiving large sums of money in exchange for his father’s political influence.

Senator Johnson also addressed the issue of money laundering, suggesting that the diamond gifted to Hunter Biden could have been used to launder money.

Hunter Biden is currently under investigation for tax and foreign lobbying violations, among other things, while his father faces a special counsel for alleged mishandling of classified documents.

In conclusion, Senator Johnson’s remarks reflect the growing concerns about President Biden’s approach towards China and the potential implications for American security and stability.