Behind the Debt Ceiling Vote, A Story You Wouldn’t Believe.

The debt ceiling deal recently reached between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has left many conservatives feeling betrayed. This agreement, which has passed a crucial hurdle in the House Rules Committee, is viewed by many as a departure from the principles that Republicans hold dear.

The committee, dominated by Republicans, voted 7-6 in favor of implementing the agreement. While only two Republicans, Reps. Ralph Norman and Chip Roy, voted against it, this narrow margin highlights the divisions within the party. Democrats, as expected, voted unanimously in favor.

During the hearing, Republicans and Democrats engaged in a blame game, with accusations of rushing to raise the government’s borrowing limit. Democrats painted Republicans as wanting to default on America, while Republicans criticized the bill for its failure to address the pressing issue of government spending.

Rep. Norman boldly labeled the bill as “smoke and mirrors,” suggesting that Democrats supported it because they were getting what they wanted. Some Republicans praised Speaker McCarthy’s efforts to secure spending cuts, but others argued that the bill fell far short of addressing the root problems.

The agreement suspends the debt limit until January 1, 2025, and includes provisions for cutting non-defense spending and implementing growth caps. However, concerns persist among conservatives who see this as insufficient to tackle the nation’s mounting debt crisis. Rep. Roy warned that the bill could add a staggering $4 trillion to the national debt, making a mockery of conservative values.

As the bill heads to a vote on the House floor, conservative Republicans stand united in their belief that this agreement betrays the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and ensuring a prosperous future for all Americans.

Source Fox News