A Surprising Declaration, You’ll Never Guess Who

Former President Donald Trump has unveiled a groundbreaking plan to combat the fentanyl crisis and put an end to the devastating drug addiction that is plaguing our nation. In an exclusive campaign video obtained by Fox News Digital, Trump outlined his proposed policies that will inflict maximum damage on cartel operations and bring justice to drug dealers and human traffickers.

Under Trump’s leadership, the United States witnessed the first reduction in overdose deaths in over 30 years. However, the hard-won progress we made is being surrendered under Joe Biden’s watch. Fentanyl and other deadly poisons are pouring into our country unchecked, stealing the lives of over 100,000 Americans each year.

Trump did not hold back in his criticism of Biden, accusing him of actively destroying our border and perpetuating death, destruction, and misery in our communities. But the former president is determined to turn the tide and save American lives. He pledged to take action on day one of his return to the White House.

His plan includes imposing a full naval embargo on drug cartels and deploying military assets to dismantle their operations. Trump also emphasized the importance of securing the full cooperation of neighboring governments in order to dismantle the trafficking and smuggling networks that are wreaking havoc in our region.

Additionally, Trump will push Congress to impose the death penalty on drug dealers and human traffickers, sending a powerful message that those who prey on our people will face the ultimate consequence for their actions. He will direct federal law enforcement to take down gangs and organized street crime that distribute deadly narcotics at the local level.

China also came under fire from Trump for its role in the fentanyl crisis. He warned that China would pay a steep price if it does not clamp down on the export of fentanyl chemical precursors. During his administration, Trump had reached a deal with President Xi to crack down on the production of these precursors, but Biden walked away from that agreement, leaving the door open for more deadly drugs to flood into our country.

Trump’s plan is not limited to attacking the supply of drugs. He recognizes that strengthening the pillars of work, faith, and family is crucial in providing hope and meaning to those struggling with addiction. His proposal includes expanding federal support for faith-based counseling, treatment, and recovery programs. Trump firmly believes that we will need God’s help to steer our country out of this crisis.

Furthermore, Trump is committed to supporting measures that make it easier for those suffering from addiction to seek treatment without losing their jobs. He understands the importance of family and proposes a family leave program for parents, children, spouses, and relatives who need to care for a family member fighting addiction.

In conclusion, Trump’s plan is bold, comprehensive, and focused on saving American lives. His record of success in combating the fentanyl crisis during his presidency speaks for itself. With his unwavering determination and strong leadership, Trump will not rest until the drug addiction crisis is eradicated from our great nation.

We have the opportunity to win this battle in 2024 and save our country from descending into chaos. Together, we will make America safer and stronger than ever before.

Source Fox News