Another Wealthy Donor Targets Trump and You’ll Never GUESS Who

Billionaire Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of social media networking giant LinkedIn and a major donor for the Democrats, has been revealed to be the secret financier behind the sexual assault lawsuit brought against former President Donald Trump by E. Jean Carroll.

Court records have confirmed Hoffman’s involvement in bankrolling Carroll’s case against Trump, which has been ongoing for four years.

The Daily Beast reports that Hoffman is not only a major Democratic donor but also a key figure in efforts to weaken Trump’s grip on the Republican Party. Trump’s legal team is now seeking to delay the trial, which is set to start in the coming weeks, following the revelation of Hoffman’s involvement.

This news is further evidence of the ongoing political witch hunt against Trump, which has been fueled by the mainstream media and partisan billionaires like Hoffman.

It is clear that the Democrats and their wealthy backers are determined to do whatever it takes to undermine Trump and his supporters, even if it means bankrolling dubious lawsuits like this one.

It is time for Republicans to stand up against this blatant partisan agenda and fight back against the radical left and their wealthy allies. We cannot let them continue to smear our leaders and our movement with baseless allegations and political theater.

We must stand together and defend our values and principles, and push back against the constant attacks from the left.