Another Unexpected Strategy Against Skyrocketing Rents: You Will Never Guess Who Is Involved

The Biden administration is once again attempting to divert attention from their failed policies, this time by targeting rental housing platforms and local lawmakers. In a move that reeks of political theater, the White House announced a plan to combat so-called “junk fees” that have been hidden from unsuspecting renters. But don’t be fooled by this smoke and mirrors act – it’s just another attempt to shift blame for the skyrocketing rent prices we’ve seen under President Biden’s watch.

According to, the median price of rent has surged by a staggering 25% since Biden took office. Americans are feeling the pain in their wallets as rent prices soar from $1,641 in January 2021 to a staggering $2,029 in June 2023. These record-high prices are no coincidence; they are a direct result of the Biden administration’s misguided policies.

Joel Griffith, a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, points out that the White House’s plan conveniently ignores the true drivers of this problem. Rather than addressing the root causes, they’re playing politics and pointing fingers elsewhere. The real culprit behind rising rent prices is the growing intervention of the federal government.

While the White House may claim that their plan will increase transparency on rent fees, it’s likely to have the opposite effect. Private companies, already burdened by excessive government regulations, will be forced to pass on any losses by raising rent prices even further. It’s a classic case of unintended consequences that we’ve come to expect from the Biden administration.

But let’s not forget that the Biden administration has been touting their supposed actions to address the housing crisis. They’ve thrown billions of dollars into low-income housing investments and tax credits, as well as implementing eviction prevention programs. Yet, despite these efforts, rent prices continue to climb.

Griffith rightly points out that government intervention is the real culprit here. The government’s heavy hand, with its subsidies, building regulations, and lenient eviction policies, leaves private companies and landlords with no choice but to charge exorbitant prices to make ends meet. The Biden administration’s attempt to deflect blame onto others is a clear example of their refusal to take responsibility for the consequences of their own policies.

It’s time for Republicans and conservatives to stand up and expose the truth behind Biden’s failed housing policies. We must advocate for free-market solutions that allow the housing market to thrive without unnecessary government interference. Only then can we hope to alleviate the burden on hardworking Americans struggling to afford a place to call home.

Source Fox News