Another surprising impeachment attempt: Guess Who is behind it?

The frustration among House Republicans continues to grow as Representative Lauren Boebert’s attempt to bypass the committee process for an immediate vote to impeach President Biden faces backlash from within her own party. This move has caught many members off guard and has raised concerns about the integrity of the impeachment process.

Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee expressed his disappointment with Boebert’s resolution, highlighting the ongoing investigation into corruption accusations against the Biden family. He emphasized the importance of completing the committee’s work before rushing into any impeachment actions. “I don’t like how she presented it by bypassing the committee process, especially when the investigation in the Oversight Committee, which she’s on, is producing new information almost daily,” Comer stated, underscoring the need for a thorough examination of the evidence.

Several other Republican representatives voiced their concerns as well. Representative Don Bacon of Nebraska criticized the previous majority for politicizing impeachment and stressed the significance of treating the process seriously. He emphasized the necessity of following proper procedures by involving the Judiciary Committee or Oversight Committee and basing impeachment on substantiated facts.

Representative Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota echoed Bacon’s sentiments, expressing a preference for regular order. He emphasized the importance of committee access and fair processes, which were hard-fought achievements. “I think we should use it,” Armstrong said, highlighting the value of established procedures.

While there is division within the party, with some Republicans indicating they would vote against Boebert’s resolution, others believe that impeachment should be pursued through the appropriate channels. Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke suggested that the Judiciary Committee, led by Representative Jim Jordan, would be the right place for a thorough examination of the evidence and transparency.

The fate of Boebert’s resolution remains uncertain, but Republicans continue to grapple with finding a consensus on the best approach to address their concerns regarding the Biden administration. As the investigation unfolds, Republicans will closely examine the findings to determine the most appropriate path forward that serves the interests of the American people.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation.

Source Fox News