Another Political Feud Unravels, This News Will Have You Raising Eyebrows

As passionate Republicans, we are deeply concerned about the state of our nation under the leadership of Joe Biden. From the moment he took office, Biden has made one bad decision after another, leaving our country vulnerable to threats both foreign and domestic.

The border crisis is a prime example of Biden’s lack of leadership. His decision to reverse the successful immigration policies of the previous administration has led to a massive surge of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border.

This not only poses a security risk but also a public health risk, as many of these individuals are not being properly screened for COVID-19.

Biden’s decision to re-enter the Iran Nuclear Deal is another major concern. This deal was a disaster for America and only served to embolden our enemies.

Now, Biden wants to go back to the same failed policies that only made us less safe. This decision puts our allies in the Middle East, like Israel and Saudi Arabia, at risk of being attacked by Iran.

Furthermore, Biden’s decision to defund the police and weaken our law enforcement agencies is a direct threat to public safety.

The rise in crime rates across the country is proof that his policies are failing. The increase in violent crimes, particularly in major cities, is putting innocent Americans at risk.

In short, Biden’s lack of leadership is putting America at risk. We need a president who is willing to make tough decisions and put the safety and security of our nation first.