Another Move By The White House That Will Surprise You

Hey there, fellow Patriots! Have you heard about Joe Biden’s decision to protect Chinese solar manufacturers from U.S. tariffs? It’s another demonstration of weakness from an already spineless administration. We need to protect American jobs and industries, and that starts with standing up to China.

House Republicans have led a bipartisan effort to nullify Biden’s decision and protect the fledgling U.S. solar industry that is dwarfed by China’s heavily subsidized and state-controlled industry. Biden’s decision to protect China hurts American businesses and makes it harder for us to compete.

But it’s not just about protecting American jobs and industries. With every passing month, the Chinese Communist Party gets closer to dominating the solar market. It’s time for the U.S. to focus on developing its own capability to manufacture quality solar products and boosting American competitiveness around the world.

Don’t let Biden’s weak stance on China’s solar industry hurt America. We need to stand up and protect our own. So, contact your representatives and let them know that you support the House Republicans’ effort to nullify Biden’s decision. It’s time to put America first!