Another Kamala Misstep, You’ll Never GUESS Who She Ignored

Vice President Kamala Harris visited Nashville, Tennessee to push for gun control and meet with two Democratic lawmakers who were expelled from the state capital after holding an unlawful protest. However, the visit raised eyebrows as it came more than a week after the Christian school shooting in which a transgender shooter murdered three children and three adults, but Harris took no time to visit the victim’s families.

Former transgender activist Oli London criticized Harris for not holding a vigil or attending any of the victim’s funerals. He said, “She will not be doing anything whatsoever for the local community as they mourn the loss of the six victims.”

Harris blamed the Covenant School shooting on gun violence during her speech in Nashville. But the attack was a targeted hate crime by a violent trans person against the Christian community and was not a random act of gun violence.

The vice president used the remainder of her speech to push for gun control while paying tribute repeatedly to the three Democratic lawmakers who were expelled from the Tennessee House for an unlawful and disruptive gun control protest inside the capital building.

Twitter users also criticized Harris for choosing to meet with lawmakers who were expelled and not the families of the shooting victims. One user said, “Kamala Harris came to Nashville to meet the Tennessee 3 but we need to show her the six victims of the Covenant shooting that Tennessee actually stands with. Why do Democrats tell people that they are victims but ignore the real ones?”

The visit by Harris to Nashville has received criticism for not acknowledging the victims of the Christian school shooting. Instead, she used the opportunity to push for gun control and meet with expelled lawmakers.