Another Judge Takes A Stand, And You’ll Never GUESS Who’s Involved

In yet another stunning development in the ongoing saga of the Biden family’s legal troubles, a judge in Arkansas has called out Hunter Biden for attempting to conceal his income in a child support case involving his daughter with a former adult entertainer.

During a court-ordered appearance on Monday, Judge Holly Meyer rebuked Biden’s legal team, accusing them of wrongly concealing details of filings that had already been submitted to the court.

As part of the case, Biden was asked to provide documentation regarding his financial situation after he reopened his paternity case in September 2020 in an effort to lower his $20,000 monthly payment.

However, his lawyers responded to the claims of incomplete answers made by Lunden Roberts’ attorney, stating that the first son did not know the identities of the buyers of his art pieces as part of an arrangement to prevent their influence on his father’s administration.

The judge was not impressed and ordered both Biden and Roberts to sit for a deposition in mid-June and answer questions under oath. This legal battle began in 2019 when Roberts filed a paternity suit after Biden initially denied fathering their daughter during their short relationship. After a DNA test confirmed that Navy Joan was indeed his daughter, Hunter began paying $20,000 per month in child support.

This latest development is yet another blow to the Biden family’s reputation and raises serious questions about the first son’s financial dealings. The American people deserve transparency and accountability from our leaders, and it is clear that the Biden family is not willing to provide either.

Source conservative brief