Another Heated CONFRONTATION, But You Won’t Expect Who’s Involved

As a high school student, it’s clear to me that Joe Biden’s presidency has been a failure so far. From his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic to his inability to secure our southern border, Biden has let the American people down.

His decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement will do nothing to address climate change, while his proposed tax hikes will hurt small businesses and the middle class.

Biden’s foreign policy has also been a disaster. His hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan left thousands of Americans stranded and the Taliban in control. And his weak stance on China only emboldens our adversaries.

It’s time for Joe Biden to step up and do his job. He needs to secure our borders, address the COVID-19 pandemic, and put America first in his foreign policy decisions.

As a high school student, I worry about the future of our country under Joe Biden’s leadership. It’s time for him to step up or step aside.

Source Fox News