Another Fundraiser, You’ll Never Guess What’s Not Being Discussed

Vice President Kamala Harris is once again under scrutiny as she attended a lavish fundraiser in an affluent Atlanta suburb while the border crisis rages on. Just hours after the expiration of Title 42, a policy that helped control the influx of migrants, Harris spoke at the Democratic Party of Georgia’s spring soirée in Buckhead, conveniently avoiding any mention of the pressing immigration issue.

Thousands of migrants have surged to the border in the wake of Title 42’s expiration, overwhelming border agents who were previously able to turn away individuals due to the COVID-19 emergency policy. Yet, instead of addressing this crisis head-on, Harris focused her speech on unrelated topics such as abortion, infrastructure, and democracy protection.

Republicans in Georgia were quick to criticize Harris for her seemingly misplaced priorities.

The Republican Party of Georgia condemned her visit, stating that it was “deplorable” for the Vice President to engage in fundraising while the border crisis and skyrocketing inflation continue to plague the nation.

They argued that this behavior is indicative of the lack of leadership shown by the current administration.

When asked about the Republican Party of Georgia’s statement, Harris deflected blame, echoing the talking point of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who insisted that immigration reform is solely the responsibility of Congress.

This response is a clear attempt to shift the blame away from the administration’s inability to address the crisis effectively.

Former Senator Kelly Loeffler, a Republican from Georgia, criticized Harris for collecting checks from liberal elites while border communities suffer from chaos and instability.

This sentiment was shared by former White House press secretary Sean Spicer and other prominent GOP figures who criticized Harris’ visit to Georgia following the expiration of Title 42.

Despite being designated as Biden’s “border czar,” Harris has failed to effectively address the mass migration issue since assuming her role in March 2021. Border encounters have reached record highs, with as many as 250,000 reported in December 2022 alone.

This alarming situation raises serious doubts about the Vice President’s ability to handle the crisis and fulfill her assigned responsibilities.

The Biden administration’s plan to release migrants once detention centers reach capacity faced a setback when a federal judge in Florida blocked the implementation of the policy. The judge imposed a two-week restraining order, preventing the administration from releasing migrants without court dates. This ruling highlights the inadequacy of the administration’s approach and the urgent need for a more effective strategy.

While the White House continues to focus on investment in Central America as a long-term solution to discourage migration, immediate action must be taken to address the crisis at the border. Harris’ visit to Georgia for a fundraiser, ignoring the pressing issue of mass migration, further underscores the lack of leadership and prioritization displayed by the Biden administration.

Source Fox News