Another Concern About Biden’s Age, But Here’s His RESPONSE, You’ll Be Shocked To Know

President Joe Biden’s decision to feature Vice President Kamala Harris prominently in his re-election campaign strategy has raised eyebrows among critics who accuse him of elevating Harris because they think he wouldn’t serve a full term.

However, Biden has defended his decision by stating that Harris “hasn’t gotten the credit she deserves” and highlighting her accomplishments as an attorney general of the state of California and a United States senator.

While featuring Harris prominently in the campaign could help the Democrats win over voters who are on the fence about Biden’s candidacy, it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to secure his re-election. Polls show that his age remains a top concern for voters, and the majority of Democrats don’t want him to run for re-election.

Despite the challenges, the Democrats remain confident about their chances in 2024. With Kamala Harris by his side, Joe Biden is hoping to appeal to voters who are looking for a fresh perspective and a new vision for America.

Source Fox News