Another Blunder, You’ll Never GUESS Who Is Responsible

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is no secret. From his gaffes on the campaign trail to his confusing speeches as president, there are clear signs that his mental faculties are not what they used to be.

But while the media and the Democrats try to downplay the issue, our enemies are taking notice. China and Russia, in particular, see Biden’s cognitive decline as an opportunity to gain an advantage over the United States.

This is not a partisan issue. It’s a matter of national security. We need a president who can think on their feet and make decisions in the best interest of our country. Biden’s inability to do so makes him a liability.

In fact, Axios has pointed out that the White House rarely puts Biden in improvisational settings or in front of hostile questions from reporters. This is because he’s simply not capable of handling the pressure.

Meanwhile, China and Russia are making big moves and consolidating power. They see Biden as an easy target, and they’re taking advantage of our weakness.

The fact that the most powerful nation in the world is currently under the “control” of a man with cognitive decline is a gift to our enemies. They see this as a hot iron they should strike and strike repeatedly.

We need a president who can defend America and stand up to our enemies. Biden’s cognitive decline makes him incapable of doing so. It’s time for the American people to wake up and demand better leadership.

We can’t afford to ignore this issue any longer. We’re facing a breakdown in communication with China that could lead to unintended conflict. This is a real threat to our national security, and we need to take it seriously.

The Democrats need to put the good of the country ahead of their political agenda. If they won’t remove Biden from office, then they need to be removed themselves. We need a leader who can navigate the complexities of international relations and defend our nation against our enemies.

In conclusion, Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is a national security risk that we can’t afford to ignore. It’s time for us to demand better leadership and take action before it’s too late. The fate of our nation is at stake, and we can’t afford to sit back and watch as our enemies take advantage of our weakness.

Source Redstate