Another Biden Critic Emerges, You’ll Never GUESS Who

President Biden’s excessive spending is a major concern for many Americans, including 12th graders who are soon to enter the workforce. While the administration claims that its policies will help boost the economy, there are fears that they could ultimately lead to inflation and economic stagnation.


Republican Representative French Hill of Arkansas recently appeared on Fox News to criticize Biden’s spending policies, calling the president an economic illiterate. Rep. Hill argues that the GOP has a plan to tackle the debt ceiling and prevent the country from going into default, but it’s up to all Americans to hold the administration accountable.

As a 12th grader, I’m worried about the long-term effects of excessive spending. It’s important for our elected officials to prioritize responsible economic policies that benefit all Americans, not just the political elite. We need policies that promote economic growth and financial stability, so that we can build a strong and prosperous future for ourselves and for future generations.

We cannot let the Biden administration continue down this path of excessive spending. We must hold our elected officials accountable and demand responsible policies that prioritize the interests of all Americans. Our future depends on it.