ANOTHER Biden CLAIM That Will Have You Laughing On The Floor

President Biden claimed he was involved in the civil rights movement during a speech in Selma, Alabama on Sunday. He made the statement while visiting the city to commemorate the “Bloody Sunday” march, a critical moment of the 1960s civil rights movement.

However, there is no historical evidence to support Biden’s claim. This is not the first time that Biden has made this claim; in 1983, he said he participated in sit-in protests to desegregate public spaces, but there is no evidence to support that either.

Biden has also claimed that he walked out of a restaurant as a high school student because a black student wasn’t welcome there. However, the former student later contradicted Biden’s claim, saying that he and other white students were “oblivious” to the situation.

In 1987, Biden admitted that he was “not an activist” during the 1960s, despite believing in the civil rights movement’s principles. He explained that he was concerned about the civil rights movement but worked at an all-black swimming pool in the east side of Wilmington, Delaware. He was involved in understanding what the Black community was thinking and feeling.

Last January, Biden implied that he was arrested for being a civil rights activist while speaking at a campus shared by two historically black colleges: Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University. However, he did not provide any details about the arrest.

Despite Biden’s claims, there is no evidence to support his involvement in the civil rights movement beyond his job at the all-Black swimming pool. It is essential to ensure that the historical record is accurate and that false claims about civil rights activism are not perpetuated.

Republican voters may be concerned that Biden is misrepresenting his involvement in the civil rights movement to score political points. It is important to remain vigilant and ensure that our leaders are honest and truthful about their past and their intentions for the future.