Another Biden Bombshell Letter That Will Leave You Asking Questions

A letter obtained from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop reveals that Jim Biden, the younger brother of President Joe Biden, requested a meeting with a Qatari prince who oversees the Arab nation’s $170 billion investment fund in August 2017.

In the letter, Jim emphasized his family connections and expressed his interest in assisting His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Thani’s vision to promote the business interests of Qatar.

While Jim Biden claims that the Bidens were not lobbyists and did not operate in that arena, the letter raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest for President Biden.

The revelation that Jim boasted about being hired to negotiate a $140 million settlement with Saudi Arabia ‘because of his position and relationship’ to then-Vice President Joe only adds to these concerns.

Moreover, Jim Biden is also implicated in the ongoing federal criminal investigation into his nephew Hunter, with prosecutors considering charges for Hunter over alleged tax crimes, illegal foreign lobbying, and money laundering.

The fact that Jim Biden is also involved in this investigation further raises questions about the Biden family’s business dealings and potential conflicts of interest.

It is concerning that the Bidens have been interested in doing business with Qatar for years, with Hunter traveling to the country with a US Secret Service detail in tow back in May 2014 when his father was still in office as Vice President. Jim Biden’s August 2017 approach to the QIA, in which he highlighted the potential introductions and business opportunities that his family could offer, raises further questions about the Bidens’ business dealings and potential conflicts of interest.

The Bidens’ deep and wide relationships that have lasted through many years and many administrations could be seen as a form of political leverage, and their use of these connections to secure business deals and potentially benefit financially is concerning.

This is particularly alarming given President Biden’s promise to uphold the highest ethical standards and avoid any conflicts of interest in his administration.

The American people deserve transparency and accountability when it comes to the potential conflicts of interest involving the President and his family members.

It is important that the Biden administration takes steps to ensure that these conflicts of interest are addressed and that the American people can trust that their President and his family members are acting in the best interest of the country, not their personal financial gain.