Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who’s pushing for an amendment?

During a recent episode of ABC’s “The View,” the co-hosts engaged in a heated discussion about the implications of former President Donald Trump’s potential presidential run in 2024, despite facing federal charges. The conversation highlighted the deep divide between the liberal and conservative perspectives on Trump’s candidacy.

Whoopi Goldberg, known for her outspoken liberal views, expressed her growing concern about the possibility of Trump assuming the role of the GOP frontrunner despite the ongoing legal troubles. She passionately argued for a constitutional amendment that explicitly addresses the issue of incarcerated individuals running for the presidency. Goldberg stressed the need for accountability and a clear framework to prevent potential conflicts in the future.

Sunny Hostin, another co-host on the show, echoed Goldberg’s sentiments and called for the implementation of such an amendment. Hostin emphasized the importance of ensuring that the highest office in the land is not compromised by individuals facing serious legal charges. She highlighted the need for the Constitution to evolve with the changing times and adapt to the challenges posed by modern-day politics.

On the other hand, Joy Behar expressed skepticism regarding the likelihood of a constitutional amendment coming to fruition. Behar criticized Republicans for what she perceived as a lack of willingness to hold Trump accountable for his actions. She voiced her doubts about the possibility of the amendment gaining traction and being supported by the Republican Party.

The discussion on “The View” exposed the deep divide between liberals and conservatives when it comes to Trump’s potential candidacy while facing legal troubles. While Goldberg and Hostin advocated for constitutional change to prevent such a scenario, Behar’s skepticism reflected the contrasting views within the political landscape. It is clear that this issue will continue to fuel debates and discussions as the 2024 presidential election draws near.

Source Fox News