Another Biden blunder, Guess Who he’s supporting now…

President Biden’s recent call for amnesty for certain illegal immigrants under the DACA program raises serious concerns about national security among passionate Republican voters. As we mark the 11th anniversary of DACA, it is crucial to evaluate the potential risks associated with granting deportation protection to those who arrived as minors.

While Biden emphasizes the contributions of “Dreamers,” we cannot overlook the fact that DACA was established through executive action, bypassing the appropriate legislative process. This circumvention of Congress undermines the checks and balances that ensure the safety and well-being of our nation.

Granting amnesty without comprehensive immigration reform and robust border security measures poses a significant threat to national security. We must prioritize the safety of American citizens and enforce the rule of law. A strong and secure border is essential to safeguarding our communities and preventing the entry of individuals with malicious intent.

Furthermore, Biden’s call for amnesty sends the wrong message to those who have followed the proper channels to enter our country legally. It undermines the integrity of our immigration system and disincentivizes legal pathways, perpetuating a cycle of illegal immigration.

As Republicans, we advocate for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform that prioritizes national security and upholds the rule of law. This includes strengthening border infrastructure, implementing effective visa tracking systems, and cracking down on sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants.

The Biden administration’s reliance on executive actions and attempts to bypass Congress in pursuit of amnesty are deeply concerning. Comprehensive immigration reform requires thoughtful bipartisan discussions, addressing the root causes of illegal immigration, and finding solutions that protect American jobs and national security.

We must urge our elected representatives to prioritize the safety and interests of American citizens when considering immigration policies. Together, we can work towards a secure and orderly immigration system that upholds the principles of justice, fairness, and national security.

Source Fox News