A Surprising Turn of Events You’ll Never Guess Which Rivals Unite in Supreme Court Case

Hey there, fellow conservative! Can you believe it? President Joe Biden’s administration actually sided with former President Donald Trump’s administration on a steel tariffs case, and the U.S. Supreme Court backed them up! It’s not every day we get to see this kind of agreement.

What’s the story? Well, USP Holdings tried to argue that Trump’s administration acted improperly when they enacted the steel tariffs. But the Supreme Court wasn’t having any of it! They rejected the appeal, which means Biden has to keep the tariffs in place. And guess what? Those tariffs help protect our national security and American manufacturing jobs!

Scott Paul, the president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, explained that if Biden just lifted the tariffs without a plan, it could mean layoffs and plant closures in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. Nobody wants that, right?

But that’s not all! The Supreme Court has also been busy dealing with climate change lawsuits. These lawsuits are all about whether state or federal law should govern them. And guess who’s going to decide? Yep, the Supreme Court!

This could be a big deal for us conservatives because the Supreme Court has a history of saying that lawsuits about air and water pollution crossing state lines need to be decided under federal law. This means states can’t just impose their environmental rules on their neighbors.

Source https://conservativebrief.com/victory-trump-72189/