A Scandalous Live TV Encounter: You’ll Never GUESS What Did Hawley Do to This Reporter

Journalist Mark Maxwell has a history of bashing Elon Musk and his supporters on Twitter, resorting to derogatory terms and personal attacks.

During an interview with Senator Josh Hawley, Maxwell appeared unprepared and even joked about not being sober during his rants.

This type of biased reporting and personal attacks have no place in journalism. Republicans must hold the media accountable and demand better from those in power.

We cannot let false narratives and personal attacks dictate the narrative but instead must remain vigilant in questioning the motives and actions of those in the media.

It’s time for journalists to uphold their duty to report the truth objectively, without letting their own biases cloud their judgment.

We must demand better from the media, and not let personal attacks and false narratives shape public opinion.

Source https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/i-hope-youre-sober-sen-hawley-humiliates-liberal-reporter-on-live-tv-over-drunken-meltdown-mace/