A Presidential Race Predication That Might Surprise You

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s recent announcement of his bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024 has set the stage for an exhilarating race. Amidst the excitement, Senator Josh Hawley expressed his unwavering belief that Donald Trump will inevitably secure the GOP nomination, capturing the enthusiasm of passionate Republican voters.

During an interview at the National Religious Broadcasters convention, Hawley confidently declared, “I just think that Trump is going to be the nominee and Biden’s going to be the nominee of the other party.” The senator’s prediction reflects the widespread support for Trump within the GOP.

Hawley also took the opportunity to critique President Biden’s policies, particularly his approach to China. He argued that Biden’s decisions have resulted in an unhealthy dependency on China, weakening America’s economic standing.

“Joe Biden has made us dependent on China. He’s made China rich. He’s made America poor,” Hawley passionately stated, drawing attention to the consequences of Biden’s actions.

Additionally, the senator highlighted concerns about declining wages for blue-collar workers, struggling families, and the surging drug crisis in the country. Hawley emphasized the need for the next president, regardless of party affiliation, to prioritize strengthening America by addressing issues such as border security and crime.

As the 2024 GOP presidential nomination race gains momentum, Hawley’s remarks resonate with passionate Republican voters. The anticipation of Trump’s nomination and the critique of Biden’s policies underscore the importance of a strong conservative leader who can address the challenges faced by the nation.

Source Fox News