A Power Player Enters The Fray, You’ll Never Guess Who

During a Fox News town hall, former President Trump criticized the justice system’s treatment of President Biden and his family, highlighting a double standard that he believes is unfairly protecting them.

Trump referred to Joe Biden’s efforts to have a Ukrainian prosecutor fired and halt an investigation into Burisma Holdings, where his son, Hunter Biden, was involved.

He questioned the legitimacy of his own impeachment, especially considering the existence of Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop and ongoing federal criminal investigation.


  1. Trump highlights the protection and one-sided treatment the Bidens receive from the justice system.
  2. The ongoing federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs raises legitimate concerns.
  3. The existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop, subpoenaed by the FBI, supports the need for further scrutiny.
  4. Trump emphasizes the unfairness of his own impeachment given the knowledge of Hunter Biden’s laptop.
  5. The dual system of government and corruption undermine law and order in the country.

The justice system should apply the same standards to everyone, regardless of their political affiliations. Trump’s remarks shed light on the disparities in treatment between him and the Bidens.

It is crucial to address these issues and hold all individuals accountable to restore faith in our democratic institutions. Fairness and justice should prevail, ensuring a brighter future for our nation.

Source Fox News