A Not-So-Gentle Assessment of Biden’s Re-Election Chances, This Will Surprise You

Hey there, high school seniors! It’s time to talk politics, and we’re going to keep it simple. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article criticizing a potential second term for President Joe Biden, stating that it could be a “historic mistake.”

The Journal’s editorial board has accused Biden supporters of being selfish for pushing for another four years for an octogenarian in obvious decline. They have suggested that Trump could beat out a senile Biden and that voters on the fence could swing toward a Republican nominee who can at least meet the rigors of the office.

So, what does all this mean? Simply put, the Wall Street Journal is saying that electing a president who may not be up to the task is a bad idea. Biden’s mental and physical state are in question, and it’s important to elect a leader who is fit for the job.

source https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/wsj-editorial-board-slams-biden-calls-2024-biden-support-a-historic-mistake-in-raging-op-ed-paub/