A New Twist In The Story No One Predicted

Hello, fellow Republicans! Today, we dive deep into the growing concerns surrounding Joe Biden’s connections to his son Hunter’s business activities. It’s time we bring the truth to the forefront and stand firm against deception.

A recently surfaced 2011 letter from Joe Biden to his son’s former friend and business partner, Devon Archer, paints a picture of close involvement. Biden thanked Archer for attending an event where he hosted Chinese President Hu Jintao. What were they up to during this event? The letter’s handwritten note adds another layer of intrigue.

Our investigation doesn’t stop there. At a State Department luncheon, Hunter used his father’s name to secure deals for his firm, including one with the Chinese Embassy. The evidence keeps piling up, and it’s clear that we need to hold Biden accountable for his actions.

Chairman Jim Jordan connects the dots between the infamous email mentioning “”the big guy”” and this recent letter. It’s becoming increasingly evident that Biden knew more about his son’s dealings than he admits.

IRS whistleblowers have come forward, shedding light on potential interference in the investigation into Hunter’s activities. This raises questions about the administration’s commitment to justice and accountability.

One whistleblower revealed how Hunter pressured a Chinese business partner using his father’s name. Such behavior is unacceptable, and we must demand transparency and ethical conduct from our leaders.

The evidence is damning, and it’s time for all Republicans to unite in demanding answers. We must remain vigilant and keep the pressure on until the truth comes to light.

Hunter’s former friend and business partner, Eric Schwerin, had a shocking number of visits to the Obama White House and Biden’s residence during the Obama administration. And let’s not forget Biden’s presence at the 2015 dinner with Hunter’s foreign business associates, despite his campaign’s denials.

We mustn’t let the mainstream media silence us. As Republicans, we believe in truth, justice, and transparency. We stand strong against deception and will ensure that our nation’s leaders are held accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned, fellow conservatives, as we continue to dig deeper into this story. The truth will prevail, and we’ll stand together to safeguard the principles that make America great.

Source Fox News